Meet our Ring-tailed and Red Ruffed Lemurs closer than you ever imagined…
Lemur Heights
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Head Keeper with Falcon

butterfly house

Wander among free-flying tropical butterflies, exotic birds and Egyptian fruit bats in a rainforest setting of lush vegetation and tropical temperatures from across the globe.

See regiments of leaf cutter ants carrying supersized loads and keep a look out for our shy iguanas. Watch out for colourful rainbow lorikeets as they swoop to their favourite feeding station and meet Darwin and Pedro, our impressive Spectacled Caimans as they bask by their private pool.

Peer into a world of mini-beasts and creepy-crawlies from across the planet; from chameleons and caterpillars, beetles and bugs to stick insects, snakes and glow-in-the-dark scorpions. Meet the adorable Mouse Lemurs; the smallest primates in the world!