Meet our Ring-tailed and Red Ruffed Lemurs closer than you ever imagined…
Lemur Heights
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Experience Days and Adoptions

Get closer than most with an incredible Experience Day at the Tropical Butterfly House, with unforgettable animal encounters!

All vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase. If you purchase online, your Experience Gift Voucher will be posted to you within 48 hours. Once your gift voucher arrives, book the day/time by e-mailing andrew@butterflyhouse.co.uk or simply give your voucher as a gift and the lucky recipient can contact us to book a convenient time for their VIP zoo experience…

Not sure which experience to buy? Treat someone to a Gift Voucher and they can choose! To see the designs available, click here.


NEW! Lemurs, Meerkats and Face Your Fears combo!

Feel like a real VIP with this brand new combination of our popular experiences! During this 2 hour experience, you’ll be guided by a specialist keeper and meet our Meerkats, Lemurs and the weird and wonderful creatures of the Butterfly House closer than you could have ever imagined! This is an incredible gift for someone special.

You will spend time in Meerkat Mansion with our lively mob of Meerkats (who are likely to clamber on to you) and feed them their favourite treats, as well as seeing the spectacular African Crested Porcupines closer than you ever imagined! Meet Madagascar’s most charismatic creatures with a private tour of Lemur Heights just for you, and feed our Red Ruffed and Ring-tailed Lemurs as they roam freely around you. Last but not least, you’ll get to meet snakes, lizards, spiders and creepy-crawlies in the Butterfly House – maybe you’ll be facing your fears, maybe you like them already! We’ll make sure there are plenty of photo opportunities and that you take away wonderful memories!

£90 per person (suitable for children and adults, includes admission to the park, maximum 4 participants)

Please note that those wishing to spectate must pay normal admission to enter the park and will not be allowed to enter Meerkat Mansion or Lemur Heights during the experience. The Butterfly House will be open to visitors but only the VIP will be permitted to hold any animals and this will be under the supervision of a specialised keeper. Access to Meerkat Mansion currently only possible to agile visitors***


Face Your Fears (ages 8 to 80 years)

Frightened of spiders, snakes, or creepy-crawlies? Or maybe you actually like them! This 30 minute experience takes place in our Tropical House, where an experienced Animal Keeper will introduce you to reptiles, tarantulas, scorpions and lots of other amazing creatures that many people fear. Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing for the warm and humid rainforest environment you’ll spend your Experience in, and bring a camera to capture your bravest moments!

£30 per person, maximum of 4 participants and includes admission to the park.

Find out more about bird trainer Heather’s very own Face Your Fears challenge for BBC Children in Need!

Junior Keeper (age 8-13 years)

Know someone who would love to work with animals? During this 2 hour experience, the Junior Keeper will get the chance to clean out and feed many different species of animals and prepare enrichment (toys, food foraging items etc.) for the Meerkats and/or Marmoset monkeys and even get to handle some of the friendliest animal residents!

Participant should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the activities.

£70.00 per person, maximum of 4 participants, includes admission to the park.

Adult Keeper (ages 14 to 80 years)

Experience the Tropical Butterfly House as one of the team; this 3 hour experience can be tailored to your interests! With one of our experienced Animal Keepers to show you the ropes; you’ll get to see behind the scenes, help with food preparation, provide enclosure enrichment (toys, food foraging etc.) and meet your favourite animals up close. Call now to book an unforgettable experience for you, or a wonderful gift for someone special.

Suitable and comfortable footwear and clothing are a must, and don’t forget your camera, there will be plenty of photo opportunities!

£90 per person, maximum of 4 participants, price includes admission to the park.

Meerkat Mayhem (ages 8 to 80 years)

Mad about Meerkats? This 20 minute VIP experience is for you! You’ll get to go into the Meerkat enclosure, ‘Meerkat Mansion’, see these inquisitive and cheeky animals up close and feed the troop their favourite tasty snacks. A member of our experienced Animal Keeping team will introduce you to the mob and will be on hand to answer your questions; some of the Meerkats may even climb on you to get to the food!

Definitely bring your camera and don’t forget to wear comfortable and appropriate footwear and clothing.
£30 per person (price includes admission to the park), maximum of 4 participants.

***Please note: Meerkat Mansion is set below ground level. To enter, you then have to step down around 3 feet to the ground of the enclosure through the door. For this reason, the Meerkat Mayhem experience is currently only suitable for agile visitors. For anyone who would have difficulty climbing into this enclosure, we recommend our VIP Lemur Experience as a great alternative. We are reviewing access around the park.

Hawk Walk (ages 8 to 80 years)

Dare to meet one of the most successful predators in the world up close? The Harris Hawk is a stunning bird of prey native to Central and South America and is a formidable predator with sharp talons and amazing agility. During this 1 hour experience, you will meet one of these birds up close and get to fly them with the help of an experienced falconer.

Please wear suitable clothing and footwear.

£40 per person (price includes admission to the park), maximum of 4 participants.

VIP Lemur Experience (ages 8 to 80)

Spend 30 minutes with our amazing Ring-tailed Lemur family! Enjoy a VIP experience and watch the 9 girls and charismatic male, King Julian, leap and play at close quarters from within their enclosure. You’ll have an unforgettable close encounter as these stunning Madagascan primates search your hands for their favourite treats! This is an experience that will stay with you forever, bring your camera to catch those amazing moments.

£30 per person (price includes admission to the park), maximum of four participants.

Owl Prowl (ages 8 to 80 years)

During this 1 hour experience, meet the elegant Barn Owl, cuddly Tawny Owl and magnificent Snowy Owl up close. Learn from an experienced falconer how to properly handle these spectacular birds and enjoy the thrill of flying a Barn Owl! Plenty of photo opportunities so don’t forget your camera!

£40 per person (price includes admission to the park), maximum of 4 participants.


Adopt a Meerkat – £55.00

Package Includes:

Meerkat Mayhem Experience (see above for details)

One free admission to the Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre

Meerkat cuddly toy

Meerkat Jelly Sweets


Adoption Certificate valid for 12 months from date of purchase

(Not currently available to purchase online, please visit our Jungle Gift Shop)

Adopt any of our animals for £10.00 per year;  in return you will receive an adoption certificate and your name on our adoption boards.  All profits will help the upkeep of the adopted animal.

All experiences must be pre-booked by e-mail to andrew@butterflyhouse.co.uk 

Our experiences are very popular so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Animals featured in each experience may be subject to change, you will be informed before you book if this is the case.  Please note we do not allow spectators to join the experience.