Butterfly House

Wander among free-flying butterflies and tropical birds,

and see fruit bats, reptiles and creepy-crawlies

in a rainforest setting of lush vegetation and flowers...

Discover an indoor rainforest paradise with butterflies, birds, creepy crawlies and reptiles!

The Butterfly House was first constructed in 1994 and many of the plants you'll see are the originals! This established rainforest-like environment is home to many free-flying species such as tropical birds and butterflies native to Costa Rica and the Philippines.

Green Iguanas, ducks and terrapins are also free to roam between the ponds and streams.

You'll be amazed as you see regiments of leaf cutter ants carrying supersized loads along their walkway colourful rainbow lorikeets as they swoop to their favourite feeding station. Meet Darwin and Pedro, our impressive Spectacled Caimans, as they bask in their private pool (don't worry, they're not roaming around!)

Our tiny marmoset monkeys may also be seen sometimes in their indoor enclosure, and also have access via an overhead walkway to their outdoor quarters.

Throughout the Butterfly House and in our Nocturnal Room, you'll discover a world of mini-beasts,; from chameleons and caterpillars, beetles and bugs to stick insects, snakes and glow-in-the-dark scorpions. The cutest residents must be the adorable Mouse Lemurs; the smallest primates in the world!

Please note that during the colder Winter months, our butterflies are naturally less active but you can see them on special feeding tables and relaxing on the plants throughout the Butterfly House.

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