African White-backed Vulture arrives at the centre

Welcome Zulu!

2 year old Zulu arrived at the centre on Wednesday 29th July 2015 and is settling in well with his enclosure neighbour, a Turkey Vulture.

Zulu was donated by the Hawk Conservancy Trust and will be an ambassador for the International Vulture Programme run by the Hawk Conservancy Trust and supported by a growing international partnership of supporters.
This programme supports and operates a range of programmes in southern Africa and South Asia. The conservation and research work of these programmes covers six vulture species, including the African White-backed Vulture.

Sadly the African White-backed Vulture species has undergone a very rapid decline in the wild owing to habitat loss and conversion to agro-pastoral systems, declines in wild ungulate populations, hunting for trade, persecution, collisions and poisoning. These declines are likely to continue in the future. For this reason its listing has been upgraded to Endangered.
It is predicted that some Vulture species will become extinct within 10 years, and most within 25 years.

The Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry Centre are very fortunate and grateful to receive this donation from the Hawk Conservancy Trust. 

The centre raised £7,500 for International Vulture Awareness Day in 2014, one staff member was so dedicated to the cause that she shaved her head to raise the majority of the money!

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