Why we're mad about Madagascar ...

This Easter, the Tropical Butterfly House is proud to be ‘Mad About Madagascar’ with fun, themed activities taking place throughout the school holidays. During this family focused event, visitors can take part in a twice daily lemur walkthrough encounter at Lemur Heights and see our red-ruffed and ring-tailed species. This gives visitors the opportunity of an unforgettable close-up experience with these entertaining Madagascan primates.

But there is also an important message that the centre hopes to convey by raising awareness about it's fundraising efforts.

Zoo Curator and Centre Manager Andrew Reeve says:

“We have some amazing Madagascan species including ring-tailed and red ruffed lemurs. Lemurs are sadly a critically endangered species therefore we raise funds every year for the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group (MFG) who monitor lemurs in the wild and assist with breeding programmes.

The funds we donate are vital, they fund a Conservation Agent in Betampona National Reserve, a Lemur Keeper at Ivoloina Zoo, and supplies for the Lemur Survey Team. An impressive £2,629 was raised in 2018 through the sale of Tropical Butterfly House wristbands, visitors should feel proud that they are helping a critically endangered species in the wild.”

Visitors can also see two more animals native to Madagascar; mouse lemurs, the smallest primates in the world and tenrecs, a unique species with a similar appearance to a miniature hedgehog, in our small animal enclosure and in the Butterfly House, the brave might come face to face with a Madagascan hissing cockroach or a Dumeril’s boa as part of the exciting Exotic Animals Encounters. Amazing meerkat, otter and bird of prey encounters and free flying bird and animal displays will also be taking place.

On Easter Sunday and Monday, families can enjoy the centre’s popular Golden Easter egg hunt where youngsters can explore the wildlife park hunting for clues to earn an Easter egg treat. Throughout the holidays, visitors can also meet and hold Easter chicks and bunnies as well as take part in Easter and Madagascan themed crafts in the Activity Centre.

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