Lottie's Coffee Lounge celebrates it's 2nd anniversary! Find out how Puro Coffee lovers are helping the Tropical Butterfly House cafes to save the rainforest!

Lottie’s Coffee Lounge will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary on Monday 24 June. This family-run business, part of the Tropical Butterfly House in North Anston Sheffield, is named after Charlotte, the daughter of the wildlife park’s managing director Kim Bellis whose father founded the park twenty five years ago.

Known for its warm welcome and friendly service, Lottie’s has grown in popularity over the last two years with both park visitors and the local community alike. Lottie’s offers a chance to try something different - with speciality drinks and sumptuous afternoon teas highlights of the menu, you might find yourself tempted by a unicorn milkshake, with all the rainbow trimmings, or caving in to a Cadbury creme egg hot chocolate at Easter time. But mystical creatures aside, by serving Fairtrade coffee Lottie’s is actually helping to save the lives of endangered animals in the wild.  

Local coffee supplier Miko has been supplying the Butterfly Café at the Tropical Butterfly House since 2012 and Lottie’s Coffee Lounge for the last two years. Their Puro Coffee brand shares its Fairtrade values and love for the natural world. For example, its commitment to rainforest protection has seen Puro Coffee save over 33,183 acres of tropical rainforest across six countries to date and support 72 endangered species with three new species named after the brand itself. So by purchasing your favourite cup of tea or coffee here you can be assured that products are sustainably sourced and therefore everyone is working together to help save the rainforest – one cup of coffee at a time!

Jonathan Dawson, regional account manager at Miko explains what this Puro Coffee partnership has achieved so far: 

“Working together with the wildlife park over the last seven years, we’re delighted that their Puro coffee sales to date have led to the purchase and protection of over 3.6 acres of rainforest, which equates to almost 10,000 trees! We look forward to supplying them with our new product ranges in the future.”

Caring for the environment’s is not Kim’s only passion, her vision for Lottie’s reflects her love for interior design which can be appreciated in the stunning décor of this two storey coffee lounge. Previously a warehouse used for storing machinery, this impressive stand-alone building pays homage to its humble beginnings. A bright spacious setting, its industrial theme has a rustic feel with exposed pipework and metal girders set amid natural wooden floors and work surfaces and exposed brick work. A wood burning stove adds a touch of comfort and class. The relaxed outdoor patio bursting with colourful planting, allows patrons to get closer to nature with its stunning views of greenery.

Kim enthuses about her vision for Lottie’s:

“We wanted to give customers a choice of eateries when visiting the wildlife park but also saw the opportunity to create a more appealing place for local coffee lovers, from dogwalkers and bikers to local businesses who choose us as a relaxed meeting space. We even have a group of ladies join us after their weekly yoga session, which gives testament to our tranquil environment!

We are very proud to work with Miko, a local supplier and environmental champion, because we share the same values of restoring habitats and saving endangered species whilst caring and giving back to the environment. Our plans for Lottie’s may still be in their infancy but we’re creating a family legacy and I’m very proud to put my daughter’s name to it’.

Kim Bellis with daughter Charlotte

Lottie’s Coffee Lounge is open daily serving hot and cold drinks, paninis, pizzas, homemade cakes and afternoon teas. For more information see httpss://

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