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Purple Gallinule

Latin Name: Porphyrula martinica
How big can I grow:

Up to 26.25cm, wingspan up to 52.5cm

Where do I live:

Freshwater swamps, marshes, and ponds of Southeast America, Mexico, Central and South America to Argentina. Also in Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, and the Falkland Islands

What do I eat:

Omnivores but typically eat more plants than animals - flowers, leaves, seeds and tubers, spiders, mollusks, beetles, bees, worms, snails, dragonflies, leeches, ants, grasshoppers, moth larvae, frogs, small fish, and eggs and nestlings of other birds

Purple Gallinule portrait
Did you know?

They produce a cackling sound "kek, kek, kek" to communicate when flying!

Important Data about Purple Gallinule
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Wildlife conservation at the heart of everything we do

Wildlife conservation at the heart of everything we do