Please familiarise yourself with our park information before you arrive, to ensure you get the best from your visit.

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No smoking or alcohol policy

Please note that smoking and drinking alcohol is not permitted anywhere within the centre.
A smoking area has been provided close to the Kiosk and Shop, outside of the centre.

Lost Property

Lost property is kept for 28 days; once this time is up, any unclaimed items are given to charity organisations.
If you have an enquiry on something you have lost during your visit, please email and a member of staff will be happy to have a look for you.
Claimed items must be collected in person or via a pre paid envelope within 14 days.

The park is fully accessible for wheelchair users.

The centre is fully accessible to wheelchair users except for a small corner of the Butterfly House which can be viewed from an alternate platform.
Wheelchairs can be hired for a deposit of £20, please book in advance: 01909 569416.

We provide health and safety guideliens to all guests.

Health and safety guidelines are provided to all guests on entry and we kindly ask that these are adhered to for your safety and that of our staff and animals.

During Tractor rides small areas of the park may be inaccessible.

During scheduled Tractor-trailer rides, a small section of the centre is inaccessible. This is for safety reasons to prevent access to the route of the vehicle.

The ride times are stated on the timetable provided on entry to the park and the animal enclosures are accessible at all other times.

We have timetables for scheduled animal encounters.

Timetabled Animal Encounters and Shows may be amended or cancelled due to unforseen circumstances (eg. animal welfare issues/adverse weather conditions) – we always make it a priority to offer an alternative if the timetabled event cannot take place for any reason, to ensure you have a great day!

We monitor the park with CCTV.

The Tropical Butterfly House is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, situated around the centre are several notices to let customers know that CCTV is on site.  The signs can be found at the main car park entrance, kiosk, shop, cafe and activity centre/party room.

CCTV is in operation within our premises and you may be featured in photographs and videos taken by our staff, for marketing and advertising purposes.

See our Privacy Policy for further details.

We reserve the right to ask visitors to leave should they be behaving inappropriately.

The Tropical Butterfly House reserves the right to ask a visitor to leave if they are behaving in an unsafe or inappropriate manner or failing to adhere to designated smoking areas or other safety guidelines. We will not tolerate any abuse to our staff or other visitors.
Please also note that alcohol is not permitted on site.

No dogs are pets are allowed on site.

No dogs or pets are allowed on site except registered assistance dogs.* Owners of dogs left in cars will be politely asked to return their dog home before returning to the centre if they wish.

*Except downstairs and the patio area of Lottie's Coffee Lounge. 

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

All major credit and debit cards accepted – please be aware there is a £5 miminum spend and we do not provide a cashback service.

There are free cash machines located at nearby shops and the Shell Garage on the A57 in North Anston.

The centre reserves the right to change any of the information on this website without notice.

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