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Wader scrape at Dinnington colliery site

Located only a few miles away from the Tropical Butterfly House is the Dinnington colliery birdwatching site, known by some as the North Anston Pit Top (NAPT). Once a site of heavy industry, the area is now a space for people and wildlife. A diverse range of habitats covering 35 hectares continues to attract birds year after year.

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The SK58 Birders are a local birdwatching group, set up in 1992, that observe and record bird sightings all year round. The Dinnington colliery is one of their main sites to observe many species including yellow wagtail, barn owl and kingfisher. They work along-side The Conservation Volunteers who manage the site. 

The wader scrape which was created for wading birds to feed on had become overgrown and unsuitable, with no breeding plovers there for two years. Some of our team at the Tropical Butterfly House volunteered to come and help the SK58 Birders by using our machinery to scrape off the vegetation. You may be thinking that we have just created a muddy field, but wading birds such as ringed plovers, lapwings, redshanks, and snipes would have all been under threat if this habitat type had not been introduced. 

Head down to the colliery with a pair of binoculars and see what you can find! 

Image by Mick Clay

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Wildlife conservation at the heart of everything we do

Wildlife conservation at the heart of everything we do