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See our Springtime Snowdrops!

Don't miss the last few days of our Snowdrops & Tea offer - enjoy park entry to see our swathes of springtime snowdrops and devour a delicious cream tea for just £16.95!

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Did you know we have planted over 15,000 snowdrops to brighten up the walkways of the wildlife park!

The botanical name for snowdrop is 'Galanthus' from the Greek word 'Gala' for milk and 'anthos' meaning flower.

The vast majority of our snowdrops are Galanthus nivalis and Galanthus nivalis f. pleniflorus Flore pleno. Galanthus nivalis are the single snowdrops, with a simple single petticoat of petals if you turn the flower upside down. The others in their fancy fullness have double flowers, or many petticoats, as pleniflorus means an abundance! 

Some of our snowdrops are late bloomers - sometimes up to 2 weeks! - because of their exposed location in our gardens, but they do catch up and flower into the beginning of March to give you even more time to see them!.
Our snowdrops were planted in the late 80s, before the park had even opened, and came from the garden's of properties undergoing excavation work, as did many other plants in our gardens over the years.
Over the last 3 years our garden guru Rachel has added thousands more to almost make us a snowdrop mile - along the main gates right up to Lottie's Coffee Lounge and along the nature walk!
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Wildlife conservation at the heart of everything we do

Wildlife conservation at the heart of everything we do