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2023's Big Butterfly Count is underway

It is a nationwide survey aimed at all ages and abilities. All you need is the app or a printed out identification chart and 15 minutes of your time on a sunny day.

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We count butterflies because not only are they beautiful creatures to be around but they are also extremely important. They are vital parts of the ecosystem as both pollinators and components of the food chain. However, they are under threat. Numbers of butterflies and moths in the UK have decreased significantly since the 1970s. This is a warning that cannot be ignored.

Butterfly declines are also an early warning for other wildlife losses. Butterflies are key biodiversity indicators for scientists as they react very quickly to changes in their environment. Therefore, if their numbers are falling, then nature is in trouble. So tracking numbers of butterflies is crucial in the fight to conserve our natural world. That's why taking part in this massive citizen science enterprise is of great importance not just for our butterflies but for the wider environment and biodiversity in general.

Our Conservation Manager Jo has been doing several butterfly counts at all three of our conservation sites. These beautiful butterflies were spotted at our Woodsetts site and recorded by Jo on the Big Butterfly Count app (Image 1: Skipper, Image 2: Orange-tip Brimstone).


The Big Butterfly Count started on the 14th July and ends on the 6th August. Why not find a sunny spot and join in and see how many species you can spot? Then send your findings to www.bigbutterflycount.org

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Wildlife conservation at the heart of everything we do

Wildlife conservation at the heart of everything we do